Live Longer, Celebrate


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The winter of 2002 in NYC was a strange place. We were recently out of college and many of us had limited responsibility. No children, wives, or a mortgage to worry about so we would get together on the weekends and strengthen the bonds that turned us into such good friends during high school. 4 or 5 years of college will sometimes cause friends to literally and figuratively speaking, move apart . An important part of the winter in 2002 was to re-establish our closely knit group of friends at a time when the country, especially the tri-state area was unsure about the long term effects from the attacks on the World Trade Center. We were set to breathe new life into the city. Almost everyone can remember exactly where they were when the news came in about the devastation of the attacks on the World Trade Center, and yet not find it difficult to believe how such a surreal experience could help galvanize friendships that still exist today. At a time when disposable cameras were still in use, it was still easy to point and click, but you had to make each shot count. They were easy to carry when you were out on the town, and although each image was not readily available for your instant approval, there was a great sense of anticipation with what you might get on each roll of film. A few months after the attacks on the World Trade Center I had one of the camera’s film developed and the words Live Longer, Celebrate came to me immediately when I saw this image. This was the only painting I had ever created almost directly from a photograph. We were traveling from place to place one weekend in the city by taxi.  At this time in our lives we were living for each other, celebrating with each other, and were were going to do it forever.

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