SOLD! "Kinetic"  11x14  available
SOLD! battle axe series: traveler 16x12 (Artisphere. Greenville, SC)
SOLD! 16x12 dancing girl
SOLD!  "Come on let's go" 16x12
SOLD!  "An unexpected landscape" 39x60 (artfest fort myers)
SOLD!  "Now forever seems further II"  16x12 (rittenhouse square)
SOLD!  "The land of sound and the barriers in between" (Bethlehem house gallery)
SOLD!  untitled falling figure 2014 (Bethlehem house gallery)
SOLD!  "A boy named Seige" 49x39 (creasons fine art new orleans)
SOLD! - "Follow To Lead" 16x12
SOLD! "Rambler On The Edge" 16x12
SOLD! - "Rather the Day Be Still" 18x13
SOLD!  On the Way 18x13
SOLD! - I Wouldn't Rather Be Anywhere Else 56x39
I'm Here and Elsewhere 47x24
SOLD! - Out Into Forever III
SOLD! 2nd to Last Frame 30x44
Out Into Forever II 18x13
SOLD! - Out Into Forever
Walking on Street Dreams (SOLD)
SOLD! - Coloring Outside the Lines 30x18(SOLD)
This is the End 20x 28 (SOLD)
Next Stop Who Knows 23x46 (SOLD)
Where Have All the Flowers Gone 32x40 (SOLD)
New (SOLD)
Figure Reacting to the Light(SOLD)
Figure in a Room (Sold)
Figure in Doorway (Sold)
I Always Wanted (SOLD)
I Always Wanted II (SOLD)
Staring At (Sold)
Always Angels (Sold)
Looking at Everything Meant to Be Looked At (Sold)
Pointing At (Sold)
Christ (Sold)
Girl at the Staircase (SOLD)
Kristin (SOLD)