SOLD! - "Rather the Day Be Still" 18x13
SOLD!  On the Way 18x13
SOLD! - I Wouldn't Rather Be Anywhere Else 56x39
I'm Here and Elsewhere 47x24
SOLD! - Out Into Forever III
Live Longer, Celebrate 47x38 framed
SOLD! 2nd to Last Frame 30x44
Out Into Forever II 18x13
SOLD! - Out Into Forever
Walking on Street Dreams (SOLD)
SOLD! - Coloring Outside the Lines 30x18(SOLD)
This is the End 20x 28 (SOLD)
Next Stop Who Knows 23x46 (SOLD)
Where Have All the Flowers Gone 32x40 (SOLD)
New (SOLD)
Figure in a Room (Sold)
Figure in Doorway (Sold)
Staring At (Sold)
Looking at Everything Meant to Be Looked At (Sold)
Girl at the Staircase (SOLD)
Kristin (SOLD)