SOLD! travel walk where in the world (creason fine art new orleans)
focus in the seasons of change 50x40
SOLD! New Wave Obliteration 42x32 (rittenhouse square)
SOLD! Self Portrait in the New Scene 37x27 (creasons fineart new orleans)
SOLD! Oncoming 53x39
SOLD! The New Scene 46x26
SOLD! I'm On Your Side 32x18
SOLD! From The Cowboy Series 50x50 (gicleeprint  available $600)
SOLD! Untitled 07 18x13
SOLD! Level on the Inside 30x18
SOLD! Rambler On The Edge 16x12
SOLD! I Am the Great Escape
SOLD! Am I Flight  32x23
SOLD! What to Do on a Grey Day 22 x46